MGT40: Clowdy, The LinkedIn For Creatives – Stuart Logan, Damien Shiells

CClowdy is a new online platform that tries to solve two issues faced by the music industry. First, artists don’t have a résumé like most, as their history is about their projects – not where they worked. Hence LinkedIn doesn’t quite work for creatives. Secondly, too often many those who contribute to a project (like session players, vocalists, editors or producers) aren’t properly credited and recognised.

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast interview, the Clowdy co-founders Stuart Logan, Damien Shiells talk on how their social network works. In short, when someone publishes a project they credit the people that contributed to it. The project is then automatically added to everyone’s profile – giving everyone the recognition they deserve.

Listen to the conversation to learn who Clowdy mainly targets right now, and how to use it as a personal creative portfolio.

Some of the topics covered in the episode: Clowdy_logo

  • Why LinkedIn doesn’t work well for the creative industries
  • How Clowdy’s projects and profiles are created
  • Everyone who contributes to a project deserves a recognition
  • Tips on getting the most out of Clowdy
  • Appearing in Google through Clowdy profiles
  • The control you have over your your Clowdy page
  • What’s next for Clowdy

Listen to the episode below.

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