MGT41: Rewarding Listeners For Discovering The Future Hits With IQzic – Jim Hodson

IIQzic is a recently launched music discovery service, which lets fans select which bands they think will do best in terms of fan engagement (think of it as picking stocks).

Currently going through the pre-launch phase 1, the service is mainly targeting music fans, and works with songs already available on YouTube.

Later this year, however, a lot more features are going to be rolled out for artists – including the ability for fans to financially support the acts they like.



In this New Music Seminar edition of the WeSpin Recipes podcast, our writer Josh Urban learned how the app works in the conversation with the IQzic founder, Jim Hodson.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

  • How exactly the discovery platform works.
  • “Fantasy football meets Kickstarter – for music”
  • Creating or joining “Playoffs”.
  • Participate by tagging your YouTube videos.
  • What Music IQ is and how it’s calculated.

Listen to the episode below.

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