MGT42: Per-User Streaming, The Fair Income Distribution Model For Artists? – Dick Huey (Toolshed)

MMusic is becoming a utility – available everywhere you want it, as much as you want. But is the distribution of streaming revenues aligned with the value of an individual subscriber?

Per-user vs. pro-rata income distribution from streaming services was the key theme at this year’s MIDEM presentation by Toolshed’s Dick Huey, who already was a WeSpin Recipes guest in 2014.

In this podcast episode, Dick discussed the new distribution model in the context of providing a living wage to indie artists, and covered other topics from his MIDEM session. After an overview of what the music industry has been going through in the past decade, he also looked into market growth through hi-definition audio sales, explained how music is priced, and evaluated new business ideas that show revenue promise for the future.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

Dick Huey

Dick Huey

  • The state of the music industry today.
  • The two must-read books Dick refers to in his research.
  • The gap between early adopters and the mass market.
  • Why the “long tail” doesn’t really work in music.
  • Understanding the reasons artists have a hard time making a living.
  • Why music is priced the way it’s priced.
  • Per-user streaming income distribution model.

Listen to the episode below.

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Show Notes: