MGT49: Promoting Your Music With Facebook Ads – Eric Louis

EEric Louis, a digital marketing consultant and DJ, has been involved in B2B sales and online advertising for years now. Recently, he implemented his business knowledge to promote his mix in a DJ contest through a Facebook ad, and was pleasantly surprised by the results of his $30 campaign. Now he shares with us his findings, as well as what else he discovered while analysing Facebook pages of some of the top producers and clubs.

In this WeSpin Recipes episode, Eric talked on how musicians can benefit from Facebook Advertising – not blindly wasting thousands of dollars, but doing smart, targeted ads, optimized for specific results. He also put up this page with examples of Facebook ads run by well-known music artists (see the link in the show notes).

Eric Louis

Eric Louis

Listen to the conversation to learn the basics of advertising on Facebook, and see how it can become a part of your marketing strategy.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

  • How Facebook forces you to spend money on advertising.
  • The “direct response” approach to marketing.
  • Are boosted posts good or bad?
  • The types of ads you can set up on Facebook.
  • Why you have to test a lot.
  • Writing a copy for your ads that passes the “So What?” test.
  • Optimizing your ads for the best performance.

Listen to the episode below.

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Show Notes: