MGT53: Digital Tomorrows – Kiran Gandhi, Yvette Nimako

KKiran Gandhi didn’t need sleep. She hadn’t seen any in a long, long time, but that didn’t seem to diminish her magnetizing intensity.

The drummer, Harvard MBA, Georgetown graduate, feminist, public speaker, and ideas lady (find out more on her website) stood backstage at Georgetown University after her feature talk on the value of data, strategizing with Yvette Nimako, manager of US operations for the Global Shea Alliance.

Lef-to-right: Kiran Gandhi, Josh Urban, Yvette Nimako

Left-to-right: Kiran Gandhi, Josh Urban, Yvette Nimako

I waited off to the side, reporting on the Future of Music Coalition’s annual policy summit in Washington, DC. “Would you be willing to come speak to my class sometime?” one of her alma mater professors asked, to which she agreed. Another colleague leaned in for a hug. Things quieted down a bit, and both women graciously agreed to an audio interview. Without further ado, here’s our conversation about the music industry, creativity, women in business, and thoughts on the question: Can the world can be saved?

Josh Urban is a writer and musician in Washington, DC. He just kicked off the 2015 Kindness Exchange, an interactive global project to bring light into the holiday season. Join the movement at

Listen to the episode below.

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