Chew: Live Streaming Made Easy For DJs, By DJs

TThere’s been a renewed interest in live streaming events, with mobile apps such as Periscope and Meerkat allowing users to easily stream their events straight from their phones. is the latest contender of the lot, with the interesting twist that it’s developed for the niche market of DJs that want to stream their sets live for free.

Chew only launched publicly in early January of this year, but now boasts over 4,000 DJs registred to the platform, from 70 countries. They’ve also been growing their user base by 100% every month since the launch.

There are many advantages to such a platform for DJs, namely the ability to reach newer audiences anywhere in the world. Chew has claimed that they’ve had viewers from over 140 countries, which makes it a great tool for DJs to get their music heard all around the world.

What’s different about Chew is that because they’re specialized in live streaming DJ sets, they also have guides to help you make the best out of your live stream. So they cover anything from helping you set up your event based on your setting (from bars, clubs, etc.), to technical information on how to stream with your smartphone or with big production equipment and everything in between. It’s also a great place to learn the art, as you get to see how top DJs do it up close.

You can register for a free account here.