Soundudes For Soundcloud Growth: Interview With Jonathan Yaari

JJonathan Yaari is a co-founder of Soundudes. This new app for musicians is currently in beta, and will be publicly launched in late June.

The promise of Soundudes is pretty straightforward: “We’ll find your Soundcloud super-fans and connect them with your music.” How does it work though? If in short, the services finds relevant to you Soundcloud accounts using a sophisticated algorithm, and follows them on your behalf. While the concept may not sound new, the Soundudes’ approach to the task surely does.

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, Jonathan talks on the Soundudes’ mission to help artists, and the app’s algorithm and features. In the interview you are also going to learn what other platforms Soundudes is going to support soon, how to sign up for the beta, and how to avoid the non-personal and harmful automation in your marketing efforts.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

Jonathan Yaari

Jonathan Yaari

  • Being confident to enter the “risky” music tech space.
  • Artists’ challenges Soundudes is trying to solve.
  • How the Soundudes algorithm works.
  • Are the latest Soundcloud changes good for indie artists?
  • Soundudes: the onboarding process and the key features.
  • The transparency and privacy concerns.
  • What about other types of Soundcloud activity automation?

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