Musikee: Rewarding Your Fans’ Engagement

TThere are plenty of services out there that enable you to engage with your fans. But in most cases, gaining a new fan simply means getting a “like” on you Facebook page. The new direct-to-fan platform Musikee aims to change that – by rewarding your fans.

The service is a tool that allows fans to support a musician or band through actions in exchange for exclusive rewards.


Through the community, a musician or band can create guided activities for the fanbase to complete. These activities (called Missions) can range from sharing a video to attending an event. Upon completing these missions, fans will be rewarded Credits (community currency that can be turned in for rewards) and Points (a fan’s level of activity and loyalty).

The rewards can be anything from signed merchandise or VIP tickets to digital downloads. By collecting more points, a fan climbs the leaderboard of a musician or band, showcasing the most devoted users.

The service is free, but will soon launch a premium version for $19.99 a month. The premium version includes more advanced, custom Missions and an unlimited amount of admins, among other things.

What do you think about Musikee‘s concept, and are you going to try it out?

Oscar Hjelmstedt is a journalist and copywriter from Sweden. Besides writing, he’s passionate about traveling and all things culture.