What’s A Verified Twitter Account And How Do I Get One?

EEvery Twitter account is the same, right? Not so. There’s something key that your business might want to pursue, and it’s called a verified Twitter account. (You can easily find these accounts on Twitter by looking for a blue checkmark by the person’s name or handle.)

Just this year Twitter began allowing members of the general public to pursue a verified Twitter account. Still, though, the percent of verified accounts remains small—just a few hundred thousand out of millions of accounts.

If you have a verified account, Twitter has determined that your account is authentic and may be in the public interest. There are verified accounts in all sorts of areas, from government to music and business. By verifying your account, the goal is to reach a broader audience.

Before your account can be verified, though, you must go through a submittal process. It’s not a difficult or time-consuming process, but one that you should take care to do correctly.

Want more details on a verified Twitter account? Use the tips in this graphic.

Verified Twitter Account

Source: surepayroll.com/resources/blog/verified-twitter-account