Music Careers For Your Personality Type #Infographic

TTo many, music is a beautiful and expressive art form, to many others it’s big business. In 2015 the recorded music industry made $15.6 billion.

46% of that came from physical sales revenue, another 46% came from digital sales revenue. 6% came from performing rights, and the last 2% were synchronization revenue. While music is global, and globally appealing, the US is the true center of music business.

The top Genres listened to by Americans are Rock at 29%, R&B/Hip Hop at 17%, Pop 14.9%, and Country at 11.2%. Other genres popular enough to be listed were Dance/EDM, Christian Gospel, Holiday/Seasonal, Latin, Jazz, Classical, and Children’s.

With music being so popular, how would you start a career in the music industry?

Check out some interesting stats and ideas in the infographic below:


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