MGT56: Tradiio, Where Fans Get You Label Deals And Festival Spots – Miguel Leite

TTradiio is on a mission to change the music industry. Sounds familiar and ambitious? Well, check the platform out, and you will see that it may be exactly what the music ecosystem needs right now.

Tradiio app

Tradiio app

On Tradiio, instead of merely discovering and following the artists they like, listeners affect favorite creators’ careers by “investing” in them, using virtual coins. And as more fans support a music act on the platform, that act gets access to exclusive opportunities – from studio time to major label deals, and festival slots. Consequently, over a hundred (and counting) industry professionals and companies are connected to future breakthrough talents through this crowd-sourced A&R system. And the music fans get very real perks for being active in the app, as well.

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast, Miguel Leite, a co-founder of Tradiio, talks on why the music industry needs to change, opening more opportunities to indie artists, and his platform, of course: how it works for listeners, musicians, and brands, and how to get the most out of it.

Listen to the conversation in full to also learn how Tradiio will help you find other creators to collaborate with, and how to connect with Miguel directly.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:
  • The history of Tradiio (so far)
  • Types of opportunities available for musicians
  • “Music industry needs to change again”
  • The challenge of finding active music listeners
  • Creating a perfect A&R
  • Why exactly to invest your time in the new platform?
  • Getting inspiration from SoundCloud
  • Tips for new Tradiio artists
  • Tradiio on mobile (for fans only, for now)

Listen to the episode below.

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