MGT58: Pare, Your Booking Agent In An App – Brandon Breitenbach

PPare Booking is a booking agency, but with a twist. It allows any artist based in the US to be represented by Pare, and manage every aspect of the booking process – including signing contracts and accepting payments – right from the neat iPhone app they’ve built.

It’s not a typical commission-based relationship with an artist, too: instead, the service costs a flat monthly fee.

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, Pare’s (here’s their website) founder Brandon Breitenbach talked on his mission to offer booking agency services to all performing music acts, how the process of booking through the app is compared to using an email or a form, and the upcoming features aimed to help their artists find and book more shows from the app.

Listen to the podcast to also hear why Pare switched from a commission-based business model to a monthly subscription, and learn Brandon’s number one booking advice.

Note: At this time the app is only available in the US, and on iOS.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

Brandon Breitenbach

Brandon Breitenbach

  • Pare Booking: an agency, an app, or both?
  • The whole booking process described
  • Monthly fee vs. commission
  • Pare is US-only for now, plans to go global
  • Upcoming features: helping artists find relevant venues
  • You can still work with another booking agenc
  • Why to focus on building a local following first

Listen to the episode below.

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