MGT60: Why Artists Need Mentors – Sebastiaan Hooft

SSebastiaan Hooft is a widely recognized Dutch entrepreneur, who literally redesigned his life after a total burnout – which he experienced after working on his businesses almost 24/7 for fifteen years.

Sebastiaan then sold his companies, gave the profits to charities, and started travelling the world to learn the tactics of other successful people. As the result, he invented a canvas for living a healthy entrepreneurial life, and started teaching it to leaders and entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, he followed his long-time passion for music, and starting a professional DJ career.

This WeSpin Recipes episode was recorded at Dancefair 2016 in The Netherlands, where Sebastiaan Hooft hosted a talk on Entrepreneurship in music. In the episode, Sebastiaan talks on the five facets of entrepreneurship skills, and shows which areas you as an artist (and hence an entrepreneur) should be focusing on more than you probably do now. If you haven’t had a mentor before, and haven’t realized the value of having one, here you will learn not only how it can impact your career – but also how to find and manage your mentors.

Listen to the conversation to understand the Business Model Canvas, see when to say “no”, and hear numerous other actionable ideas on improving your music business.

Sebastiaan Hooft

Sebastiaan Hooft

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

  • Applying entrepreneurial skills to a music career.
  • The five elements of entrepreneurship.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of building a team.
  • Finding free mentors to help your career.
  • Bringing value to your mentors as an up-and-coming musician.
  • Planning with the Business Model Canvas.
  • Which level (out of five) are you on now?
  • Learn to say “no”.

Listen to the episode below.

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