MGT72: Stream It Till You Own It With Resonate – Peter Harris

BBeing involved in the worlds of tech and music over many years, Peter Harris always found the process of moving a casual listener to a dedicated fan too clumsy in the traditional music industry. Not seeing any tangible solutions coming to change it, he decided to take the initiative in his hands, and founded Resonate – a unique, cooperatively owned streaming platform currently in the works.

Peter Harris

Peter Harris

Resonate features an affordable “stream to own model” (with no monthly fees for listeners), where listening turns to owning – and where fans know that the money goes direct to the artists. It presents a new music model, which aims to provide better discovery and curation, centered around real communities. “Imagine that Spotify was a cooperative” – this is how Peter described the idea in a compact form during our conversation.

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, Peter explained how the “stream to own” model works, gave a great and clear overview of the blockchain technology, and went over some of the challenges the blockchain research team faced during the recent Music Tech Fest Berlin.

Listen to the show to see how the future of the music industry may look like.

Listen to the episode below.

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