MGT100: Making Music Distribution Simple – Philip Kaplan (DistroKid)

Philip Kaplan, a serial entrepreneur and founder of DistroKid, talks about releasing over a thousand albums per day with a team of less than 10 people, how easy distributing your music should be, mortality, and more.

MGT99: Messenger Bots For Musicians – Tim Heineke

Tim Heineke, the founder of the POP messenger bot builder, explains what a messenger bot is and isn’t, and makes it obvious how the Messenger is becoming a key channel in Direct To Fan marketing, already being more effective than social media and even email in many ways.

MGT98: How To Start Licensing Your Music – Joyce Kettering

Joyce Kettering explains how to turn music licensing into a sustainable income stream, where to find good stock music libraries, what deals and companies to avoid, and a lot more. This show is all about getting your music placed!

MGT97: From DJ Star To Artist Coach – JoeySuki

JoeySuki had achieved a huge success as a DJ and producer, but he discovered the price you pay for such success, as well. In this podcast episode, Joey talks about the burnout he went through, and how he discovered the passion for coaching other artists.

3 Practical Tips To Getting Your Music Heard On Social Media

Sharing your music on social media is simple. But getting it to the right people is undoubtedly more challenging.

MGT96: The Price Of Success In Music Licensing – Mike Goudreau

Mike Goudreau shares what he’s learnt after 10 years of licensing his music for hundreds of TV shows and feature films. From the types of deals to go after, to creating a catalogue that doesn’t get old.