MGT88: Musicpreneur Hub, A Quora For The Music Industry – Tommy Darker

WWe at Dotted Music are excited to premiere Musicpreneur Hub, the latest project of Tommy Darker.

Musicpreneur Hub

Musicpreneur Hub

The Hub is “a music knowledge platform,” created to connect handpicked music industry experts with musicians and students looking for advice, Quora-style.

Listen to this Music Growth Talks episode to get a better understanding of Musicpreneur Hub, to see why it may be more like Airbnb than Quora according to Tommy, and to hear a few tips on asking questions on the platform.

And then go to Musicpreneur Hub to ask a question yourself!

If you don’t know who Tommy is yet, then I highly recommend you listening to the previous two Music Growth Talks episodes with him as a guest – you can find the links below.

Listen to today’s episode below.

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