MGT89: Bree Noble’s Resources For Female Musicpreneurs

BBree Noble is the Founder and CEO of Women of Substance Music Radio, as well as the host of Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast.

Bree Noble

Bree Noble

An experienced singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, speaker, and coach who left a corporate job at a big Opera company to pursue her own music career, Bree now leads a whole suite of projects aimed to help female artists thrive in the music business.

On this Music Growth Talks podcast episode we went through a number of topics which Bree Noble has been covering with her guests on Female Entrepreneur Musician: music monetization, crowdfunding, Facebook Live, house concerts, musicians’ health, and much more.

Listen to the show to also learn about Bree’s Female Musician Academy, and other resources for female (and not only!) artists.

Listen to today’s episode below.

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