MGT90: Crowdfunding A Debut Album – Mike Casey

MMike Casey is a jazz saxophonist and songwriter, who released his debut album, “The Sound of Surprise: Live at The Side Door” in February 2017. He used PledgeMusic to raise funds for the record, reaching his crowdfunding goal in way under a month.

Mike Casey

Mike Casey

On this Music Growth Talks podcast, Mike shares the nitty-gritty of the campaign, from preparation to fulfillment. While there is a few specifics to releasing a jazz album, Mike’s tips are applicable to an artist in any music genre.

Listen to the episode to learn how running a crowdfunding campaign is much more time consuming than you may think, why PledgeMusic may be friendlier than other platforms to someone who is new to crowdfunding, which social media channels Mike used the most to promote the campaign (and how he got disappointed with Facebook advertisement), and more.

One of my favorite insights: if you want to succeed with crowdfunding, you can’t be shy!

Listen to today’s episode below.

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