MGT91: Getting Licensed Through Songtradr – Zac Harding, Ben Foy

SSongtradr is a rapidly growing music licensing platform, delivering commercial music to brands, apps, TV and filmmakers. Their catalogue already counts over 60,000 artists and composers, across all genres and languages, and you’re more than welcome to join the platform, as well. As you will hear from this podcast, it’s risk-free… and literally free.



The marketplace’s features for music creators include real-time push notifications on the progress of your catalog and song submissions, a unique blanket license, stats on who’s opening and listening to your playlists, and more.

On this Music Growth Talks podcast episode, Songtradr‘s Marketing Manager Zac Harding and Creative Services Manager Ben Foy explain how exactly the platform works for artists and tastemakers.

Listen to learn the way Songtradr’s team helps you prepare everything you may need for a successful deal, why supervisors are often scared of working with indie artists, and how to avoid typical mistakes artists make entering the world of licensing.

You can listen to today’s episode below:

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Show Notes: