MGT123: How To Clear Your Mixtape, Remix, Or DJ Mix – Stephen White (Dubset)

Dubset is a tech-meets-rights-management platform that can clear everything from mixtapes to remixes and turn them into revenue for artists and writers. Listen on to see what it means to you.

MGT122: How To Collect Your Publishing Royalties – Mandy Aubry (Songtrust)

Mandy Aubry shows how to collect publishing royalties with the help of Songtrust, a unique and flexible publishing administration platform, and explains numerous aspects of the confusing world of music publishing.

MGT121: Developing A Highly Engaged Fan Base Through Video – iLLvibe

iLLvibe, a hip-hop artist and the founder of LyricVids.com, explains why filming a low budget music video can “brand you down”, and talks about storytelling, branding reaching new fans on social media, running targeted ads, and more.

MGT120: Know And Engage Your Audience Directly With An LED Wearable – Betsy McHugh (Hurdl)

Betsy McHugh is the Founder of Hurdl, pioneering “the next generation of fan-based marketing” at live events through LED wearables.

MGT119: Discover The Radio Airplay You Didn’t Know You Had – Jesper Skibsby (WARM)

Jesper Skibsby, the founder of WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor), explains the technology behind their platform, talks about two reasons why you would want to track worldwide airplay for your songs, and shows what you can learn from a single radio spin.

MGT118: Insights From 2018 DIY Musician Conference – Kevin Breuner (CD Baby)

Kevin Breuner, CD Baby’s VP of Marketing, is back to the Music Growth Talks podcast to talk about this year’s DIY Musician Conference. We talked about “DIY”, growth of royalties from streaming, Spotify, cover songs, and more.