MGT104: Baby Steps Towards A Successful Music Career – Ariel Hyatt

AAriel Hyatt is one of the world’s leading music marketing experts, and has been running the Brooklyn-based Cyber PR for over 20 years. Ariel has worked with hundreds of creatives and entrepreneurs, spoken at more than 75 conferences in 12 countries, and written four books about social media.

Ariel Hyatt

On this Music Growth Talks episode Ariel exclusively revealed a free giveaway of her latest book, “Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign.” Follow this link, fill out the form, pay for shipment, and Ariel’s team will send you a paperback copy of the book, which retails for $14.99. The shipping is $7.99 within the US and $34.95 elsewhere, but if you’re outside of the States you can contact the Cyber PR team and ask for a digital copy, which will come at $5.99 though.

And be sure to listen to this podcast in full, as it’s packed with advice and insights on growing as an artist, one baby step at a time. Ariel talks about the importance of starting your marketing with a story, shares how they approach promotional plans (or “Total Tuneups” as they call it) at Cyber PR, explains the different types of fans and how to identify your core audience, and sets some realistic expectations about crowdfunding campaigns.

You can listen to today’s episode below:

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