MGT112: Promote Your Band By Promoting A Brand – Nathan Hanks (Music Audience Exchange)

NNathan Hanks is the Founder and CEO of Music Audience Exchange (MAX), a company whose mission is to connect brands and artists “to engage fans together”. MAX has built a platform for brands to reach their target audiences through “breakthrough” artists, who have growing and loyal fanbases yet who may not be signed to a major label, or selling out stadiums.

Nathan Hanks

Nathan Hanks

This new model helps brands reach potential customers in a more authentic and human way, while allowing artists to grow their careers through meaningful investment from brands (e.g. buying radio play for a song, or sponsoring a music video instead of a plain video advertisement).

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Nathan shared details on how their matching engine maps 1.8 million artists to the psychographic and behavioral attributes of their audiences, and gave examples of how MAX’ campaigns have been helping both the brands and the artists.

Listen to the episode in full to learn more about the power of brand partnerships, and to hear a few specific music marketing tips from Nathan Hanks.

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