MGT116: The Stories We Don’t Talk About – Phillip Ryan Block

PPhillip Ryan Block has been involved in a range of jobs, from sales to investment consulting, prior to pursuing his dream and launching the Independent Ear record label.

Phillip Ryan Block

Phillip Ryan Block

The imprint is a “testament of his abilities to analyze, predict, project, produce and then change it all up when one business model doesn’t fit the next,” according to Mr. Block’s bio. As a prove to the latter statement, Ryan recently turned Independent Ear into one of the world’s first non-profit labels. An experienced marketer and branding expert, he continues to work with various music projects, and also does a lot to raise awareness of mental health issues in the music community.

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Phillip Ryan Block talked about his new show, The Open Heart Collective, where his guests open up and share their life stories. The listeners can then learn what to do better in their own lives through these stories.

Besides talking about the mental health awareness, Ryan also explained how he’s been connecting his labels’ artists with relevant causes and non-profits. “When you make it not about you, amazing things happen,” in Ryan’s words. We also chatted about the sacrifices you have to be making in life to live to your full potential, music being the strongest art form in existence and musicians often forgetting that fact, and more.

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