MGT120: Know And Engage Your Audience Directly With An LED Wearable – Betsy McHugh (Hurdl)

BBetsy McHugh is the Founder and Chief Product Officer at Hurdl, pioneering “the next generation of fan-based marketing” at live events.

Betsy McHugh

Betsy McHugh

Event attendees get an LED wristband upon entering a venue, which can then be activated via SMS to answer a short set of questions. Those who choose to answer survey in turn become a part of the light show, get special offers, merch deals, and any other incentives determined by the artist’s team.

The Nashville-based startup claims to identify 8 times the data on who is in the audience versus other methods (for the organiser to then start a conversation with those fans). The system has a 67% average audience opt-in rate with 95% of those who do so answering up to 5 survey questions. On this Music Growth Talks episode Betsy shares how acts like Deadmau5 and Why Don’t We have already benefited from the platform.

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