Three Simple Tips And Tricks To Promote Music Using Video

AAs an artist, it is important to make the most of what you have and not depending on outside help for creating content. Taking control of where and how you publish is important – and what is more important is publishing in video format across all platforms.

Screenshot from Lana Del Rey's Instagram

Screenshot from Lana Del Rey’s Instagram

There are agencies you can outsource or hire freelancers, but one thing we think is important is to do it yourself for the simple posts. Simple doesn’t mean non-engaging, it just means simple to create.

You can build and create complex looking videos with a simple tool, one of which is an all-in-one tool for resizing video and making meme videos called Editframe. Here are some simple tricks and tips to promote your music on video platforms.

Image + Audio

The first and most simple way to promote your music is using your album covers and music to create quick and simple videos. These videos can be used as a simple post on Instagram, or just used as an upload on YouTube. Not putting your music in video format tends to hold back who can hear or see your content. Be seen everywhere!

GIF + Audio

If you want to step it up, finding a culturally relevant GIF to make a music meme is also a great option. You can take small samples of your music and drop it on a GIF, and this is amazing viral content.

Another thing you could do is create music videos with a GIF. You simply find one that loops in the right aesthetic, and you can make a video the length of your song with just one GIF. This is ideal when you find a GIF that is some sort of simple animation that is easy on the eyes. You can even use a dancing baby!

Video + Audio

If you have existing video content, or any video content – just add your music to it. Yes, that’s a music video! You can find amazing clips of your favorite sports team, clips from movies, or whatever you think would fit well with your music. This is by far the most engaging form of content that depends on your creativity. You can make promotional clips before, after and during the release with unlimited options.

You Music Video

This is when you have your own music video – but the real challenge is getting it on IGTV, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. You need to make clips and resize the aspect ratios for all of them, shorten them, and make sure they are easy to share. Of course you need to have your own music video, but even if you do you should still use all of these tactics!

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