MGT136: An Ethical Way To Spotify Promotion – Michael Sloane (Streaming Promotions)

MMichael Sloane is the CEO of Nashville-based Streaming Promotions, a company specializing in music placement in streaming platforms. They primarily focus on Spotify, which gives artists more ways to market their music than any other competitor on the streaming market as of today.

Michael Sloane

Michael Sloane

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Michael covered some of the most common topics surrounding the Spotify promotion. From avoiding companies who offer “guaranteed” streams and the differences between third-party and Spotify-curated playlists to how the platform’s algorithm works, and why music will soon be mostly curated by “robots”.

Listen to the episode in full for more insights, such as the importance of your Monthly Listeners metric, getting traction in the first week of a release, converting streams into fans, case studies, and more.

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