MGT138: Tips From An Indie Artist And Entrepreneur On Songwriting, Essentialism And Life – Steve Welty

SSteve Welty is a successful entrepreneur and singer-songwriter, who, as many of you, has to juggle a lot on a daily basis: from running a business and spending time with family to creating and promoting his music.

Steve Welty

Steve Welty

The San Diego-based artist doesn’t only practice healthy approach to living a balanced and fruitful life, he also shares his ongoing experiments and insights with others on Instagram and in the “Lit Up Life” video series on YouTube.

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Steve talked about defining your “fascinating and motivating” category of activities, finding other songwriters to collaborate with, not stacking your losses, bringing values to others, delegating work, and much more.

Listen to the episode in full to hear Steve’s tips on becoming comfortable with showing up on social media, as well as the secret to doubling your rate of success and being unstoppable.

You can listen to today’s episode at or below:

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