MGT148: Don’t Enter a Recording Studio Without the Splits App – Marcus Cobb (Jammber)

MMarcus Cobb is the CEO of Jammber, a company behind North America’s first self-serve, end-to-end royalty management platform called Jammber Splits. The app streamlines the process of metadata collection to help creatives receive proper credit and faster payment for their work. Jammber was founded in a Nashville’s music tech accelerator, and has acquired over $5.5M in investor funding since 2013.

Marcus Cobb

Marcus Cobb

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Marcus demonstrates how broken the current workflow is, with musicians often not being able to receive money owed to them, and describes the three key features of the Splits platform: tracking the creators working on a song and their ownership, automatically registering that song across North American agencies, and collecting royalties via Jammber Money.

Listen to the episode in full to see how easier it can be to agree on song shares via a mobile app, and to learn about Jammber’s other upcoming products.

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