MGT149: Beating Addiction to Find Success as a Musician – Judah Holiday

JJudah Holiday is a Miami-based singer/songwriter who delivers a timeless breed of pop music. He just released his first album, Feelings in My Head, and is already working on his next two, while performing across the US.

Judah Holiday

Judah Holiday

In this episode of Music Growth talks, Judah talks about how his music calendar is planned out, shares the story of his drug addiction and how quitting has impacted his life’s mission and music career.

Listen in to hear what advice Judah has for up-and-coming musicians who are confused about where to start and how they can turn their passion into a business.

“We don’t get penalized for our misses, but we get awarded for our wins.”

Key Points:

  • Judah talks about the aggressive release strategy he chose to meet the obligations of his record label.
  • Finding trustworthy people to be on his team.
  • Judah explains his view on how technology has impacted putting out content.
  • He explains how he first got addicted to prescription pills. The side effects of drug addiction and his turning point.
  • How is Judah’s life after recovering from addiction?
  • Why Judah believes he’s not in a safe place emotionally to fight for better mental health care for others.
  • How did addiction affect his music creativity?
  • There are many avenues of harm if you’re not careful: it’s not just drug addiction.
  • Judah’s advice to anyone planning to succeed in the music industry.

You can listen to today’s episode at or below:

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