MGT152: Thriving as an Artist in the Face of Adversity – Muyinza

TThis week’s Music Growth Talks guest – an artist, songwriter and producer Muyinza – shows how he has been using his creativity to overcome hard times and succeed in business.



Muyinza’s family emigrated from Uganda to Canada in the mid-90s. After losing his mother to cancer in 2001, Muyinza and his family relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. Living in a dangerous neighborhood, Muyinza stayed home a lot to make music.

Starting to work at 13 years old to pay for studio time, eventually he would go to college for music, release two full-length albums, move to LA, and win multiple awards. In 2014, Muyinza established a successful online business, which enabled him to focus on making music full-time.

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Muyinza comments on what the creative community around him experiences during the current difficult times, and gives actionable tips on how you can create excellent content, engage with your fans, and grow your music career during the lockdown.

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