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SoundCloud Launches Subscription Service In The US

SoundCloud recently launched their paid subscription service called SoundCloud Go in the US. Here’s what it’s all about.

Bas Grasmayer

MGT62: What If Copyright Did Not Exist? Or If SoundCloud Went Down? – Bas Grasmayer

Bas Grasmayer, a digital strategist and the author of the weekly MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE newsletter, talks on why you should stop broadcasting on social media (and what to do instead), what if copyright didn’t exist, and much more.

Jonathan Yaari

Soundudes For Soundcloud Growth: Interview With Jonathan Yaari

Jonathan Yaari talks on the Soundudes’ mission to help artists, the app’s algorithm and features, what other platforms Soundudes is going to support soon and how to avoid the harmful automation.

Win The New Edition Of The Soundcloud Bible

This week, Budi Voogt (founder of Heroic) has released the second edition of his book The Soundcloud Bible.

Soundcloud Rolls Out A New iOS App

Today SoundCloud is releasing a brand new iOS app, which is a long-awaited update, mainly targeted at listeners (which also benefits creators).

Interview With ‘The Soundcloud Bible’ Author, Budi Voogt

To get answers to some of the most common questions about Soundcloud, we talked to Budi Voogt, the writer of the first ebook dedicated to Soundcloud promotion.