Nashville, TN

The Best US Cities For Musicians (That Are Not NYC Or LA)

The Big Apple and the City of Angels boast success for many musicians, but the music world is vaster than just two cities.

Fashion From Music Festivals To Clothing Racks

Concerts are a great place for people to show off their unique fashion styles. It’s no wonder, then, that designers produce collections for the public that are inspired by concert and music fashion.

Unique Sampling: Capture Everyday Sounds To Inspire Your Music

Making music has never been easier. But what happens when you’ve been through all of the sounds that come standard with the program, or you just get bored with them?

Social Media

Musician Marketing Mistakes – How to Fix Them

When you’re trying to make it as a DJ, a grasp on comes in a close second to having good music. If you have fantastic music, but nobody knows about it, how are you going to be successful? Be aware of the greatest marketing pitfalls, and how to divert your marketing tactics from failure to success.

Brand Your Band With Style

Fashion may sound like a superficial element to focus on while making a name for your group, but the clothes you wear can actually have a profound effect in the music business and help determine your future success.

Controversy and Comeback: How Beyonce Flipped Her Image Overnight

You wouldn’t bet against Beyonce – not even a lip-synched national anthem can keep her down for more than a week at a time.