PiL’s Lu Edmonds Talks Music Business

Guitarist of John Lydon’s experimental act reveals what have been the most important lessons he have learned from being in the music business.

Sevendust Guitarist On Music Marketing: ‘Plant The Seed And It’s Going To Grow’

In a soon to be published UG interview with Sevendust, guitarist Clint Lowery talks about surviving in the music business of our days (among other interesting topics, of course).

As I Lay Dying: It Is About Doing More On Tours

In an interview posted on Ultimate Guitar minutes ago, a guitarist of the legendary metal band As I Lay Dying, Nick Hipa, made a simple, but so right comment about performing live and touring nowadays.

Reader’s Wives: ‘No Point In Being Good At Music, And No Good At Business’

Here is an excerpt from UG interview with Reader’s Wives’ frontman Niall James Holohan, recently conducted by Robert Gray.

Jared Leto: ‘We’re Taking Full Advantage Of The Digital Age Here’

30 Seconds To Mars’ legendary frontman Jared Leto just talked to Ultimate Guitar’s Steven Rosen about the band’s third album This Is War, and some music marketing topics I really loved to see covered in this interview.

Whitechapel Guitarist Talks The Importance Of Touring, Straight-Edge Lifestyle

Prior to returning to the studio in January, the band’s guitarist Alex Wade discussed the forthcoming album, touring and living a straight-edge life.