6 Essential Self-Care Tips for Musicians

As a musician, taking care of your body and mind is paramount. But pursuing a career in music doesn’t always seem conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

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Managing The Stress Of Promoting Yourself As A Musician

In your most successful moments as a musician, you may feel an exhilarating sense of positivity, but you’ll likely have low points as well. It’s important to pay attention to your mental state when promoting yourself in order to be healthy and successful.

Why Playing Music Is Great For Your Brain #Infographic

With claims of physical and mental health benefits of everything from sunlight to salt water coming at us from all angles, perhaps we could all benefit from a little more music in our lives to block out the noise.

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Is health insurance something you really want to go without? To help you out, I’ve worked with some health insurance experts to put together a list of tips specifically designed for independent musicians.