Is iPad Music Production Really Radical?

Technology makes life easier, or so they say. I use an iPad as many other musicians do, and I have no complaints as of yet. However, it’s a long shot from the detailed arrangements, notation, and signal chaining that gives DAW a timeless edge. Rolls Out A Talent Asset Management Solution For Business indroduces a new solution for Business – a Talent Asset Management Solution for the Entertainment Industry. Caroline Distribution announced as launch partner.

Recording Strings

Recording Strings Without Breaking The Bank

Recording strings remotely and using overdub teams is a great alternative to using virtual instruments or hiring large sections.

Unique Sampling: Capture Everyday Sounds To Inspire Your Music

Making music has never been easier. But what happens when you’ve been through all of the sounds that come standard with the program, or you just get bored with them?

How To Build A Home-Based Music Studio

Even in a relatively small home, it is possible to build your own music studio. Without missing out on any of the essentials.