Rockethub Launches Crowdfunding Community Site

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding can be a huge part of a rising musician’s business model. Whether you’re trying to raise money for a single, an album, or literally anything else, crowdfunding can make that happen if you do it right.

MicControl Interview Series: The Blogging Side Of Music

On Monday, June 7th began a week-long interview series entitled ‘The Blogging Side Of Music’. This 5-part series explores the dos and don’ts, the styles and techniques, and ultimately the tips and strategies of a successful music blogger.

Recording In The Home

While the need to record in a professional studio used to be the standard, the same quality of recordings can now be achieved from the comfort of your own home – you just need to know what you are doing. On Monday, April 19th will begin a week-long interview series entitled ‘Recording In The Home’.

A Love For The Game

Recently, Metal Blade Records announced a website dedicated solely to spreading the word of Heavy Metal to the masses, which they called Metal Blade TV. It is a place for metalheads to go and see video interviews and segments from some of their favorite Metal Blade artists in addition to other notable metal musicians and bands.

Tunited: ‘The New Music Industry’ Website To Be Launched In April

Founders of Tunited, a new music community website set to “revolutionise the music industry”, just launched a blog to beguile the time before a full roll-out of the project in April 2010.

Music Industry Vet Launches Virtual Road Manager For Touring Bands

The live music business is an avenue artists still depend on to make a living and build a fan base. introduces the “Virtual Road Manager” for independent bands, but is it that good?