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Writing Tips By Tom Colohue: Writing Outright. Part One

Becoming comfortable with your own preferred areas and talents is important, but you have to write in order to become aware of just what you’re capable of offering yourself and others.

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Making People Take Their Shirts Off For You

The music industry makes a living exploiting various non-musical factors. So how can you take care of these things beyond the music? The answer comes down to image control and sincerity.

Holiday STS9 Giveaway! Or That’s What I Call Quality Merch

Holiday STS9 Giveaway! Or That’s What I Call Quality Merch

Enter to win a pack of spectacular STS9 merchandise! This electronic jam band not only make great tunes, it also services fans with really great products.

Lady Gaga at MuchMusic Video Awards

Turn On The Fans. Part 1

Your success in sharing your music with the world and influencing others to produce good music requires making a run of sounds that will sell to people. So what do we do so that we can sell without “selling out”? The main thing – if it does not hurt the music or artistic intent, do it.

OK Go in video for "Here It Goes Again"

OK Go: YouTube Is The Main Medium For Videos Now, Not MTV

The Internet phenomenon and the masters of viral promotion, OK Go did it again – creating a weirdy video for the new single “WTF?” and uniting with Design Miami/ for a groundbreaking design performance.

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Roots Of Indie Punk Rock: The Legacy Of Ian Curtis Of Joy Division

Despite Curtis’ life having ended at a young age, his complete uniqueness in style and musical delivery has been a source of inspiration for many bands until this day.