Arcade Rocker For Web And iPhone

Arcade Rocker is a music/rhythm game that lets you rock out with any (ok, almost any) song in your personal music collection. Yes, this is gonna be huge.

MIDEM 2010 Roundup

Lots of meetings and panels, in mix with fresh air and fancy lunches and dinners didn’t let me report here each day of the event – hope you forgive me and enjoy reading this brief summary report from MIDEM 2010.

Tunited: ‘The New Music Industry’ Website To Be Launched In April

Founders of Tunited, a new music community website set to “revolutionise the music industry”, just launched a blog to beguile the time before a full roll-out of the project in April 2010.

At MIDEM 2009

Preparing For MIDEM 2010

MIDEM, the world’s largest music industry trade fair, will kick off on January 23, just two weeks from now. Preparing for the event, I decided to give you a brief list of key facts about Midem 2010.

Roots Of Indie Punk Rock: The Legacy Of Ian Curtis Of Joy Division

Despite Curtis’ life having ended at a young age, his complete uniqueness in style and musical delivery has been a source of inspiration for many bands until this day.

Dotted Music: Instead Of A Foreword

I really tried to launch this blog as soon as I could. Even about three weeks ago, when almost everything was ready for kicking off… At least this is what my brain is telling me, nervously trying to find an excuse to its restlessness and understanding, that what you are reading here is definitely not what I was going to put as my first blog post.