D Grant Smith

MGT70: Radio Promotion 101 – D Grant Smith

D Grant Smith, a “Growth Farmer” and the Syndicated Host of The Appetizer Radio Show, talks on the role of public radio, ways (not) to pitch your music, having a great sound and knowing who you sound like, and much more.

MGT69: Rebalancing Artists’ Interests As A Label – Adam Reifsteck (Teknofonic)

In this WeSpin Recipes episode, Adam Reifsteck, founder of dance music label Teknofonic, gives tips on getting signed, earning money through SoundExchange and PPL, and more.

MGT68: A New Tool To Simplify Your Demo Submissions – Paul Loeb (DropTrack)

Paul Loeb, founder and developer of DropTrack – a new music marketing platform used by over 6,000 artists and labels – gives tips on building your email list, networking, and growing a business as a one-man show.

MGT66: Simplifying Remarketing With Found.ee – Jason Hobbs

Found.ee founder Jason Hobbs, describes how and why to use remarketing in music, and explains what types of ads artists should be creating before and after a record release.

Cortney Harding

MGT65: Virtual Reality For Artists And Better Ideas For Music Startups – Cortney Harding

Cortney Harding, a former Billboard writer and editor, helps music startups with thought leadership and innovative partnerships. In this podcast, she talked on the future of virtual reality, the challenges music startups face these days, and much more.

Nikoo Sadr

MGT64: Make Streaming Work For You – Nikoo Sadr (Music Ally)

Nikoo Sadr is a Music Ally training and development manager. The latest WeSpin Recipes’ guest, Nikoo talks about the specifics of Scandinavian music market, discusses strategies for succeeding on streaming platforms, and shares lots of real-world, insightful case studies.