LA Singer Songwriter Resurrects 4-Track Recording Process With His iPhone

Chris Price recently released an album recorded using an iPhone. Is this the world’s smallest recording studio?

Future Music Business Models: A Response

According to many music industry insiders and commentators, three major future business models are emerging within the music industry. Drawing on a 1 March blog post by Million Media founder Neil Cartwright, Dotted Music Editor Samuel Agini discusses and elaborates on the discussion surrounding them.

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died last night aged 56. Here, we remember why the death of the legendary founder of Apple marks the end of an era.

Apple’s Search Engine

In today’s technology age three names come to mind. Those are Facebook, Apple, and Google. All three are powerhouse companies with an enormous amount of users in many different countries. Whilst they all cater to different desires, they all have one common thing in mind: dominance.

Blame Apple? An Industry Outlook

While there still are some industry behemoths struggling under the weight of horribly-performing traditional revenue streams, the more-dynamic companies in the industry sphere have managed to turn profitable by signing 360-deals with the artists that they represent.

Apple’s New Social Network Ping Hits A Few Bumps In The Road

Last week Apple released its latest iTunes update to 10.0 – along with a brand new social network entirely for music. The network, called Ping, is the latest of web 2.0 social networks to hit the world wide web.