The Musician’s A-Team

Who are the main team members an artist works with in the music industry and when/why do you need them? With patience, the right partners will come along at the right time and will be able to access opportunities and open doors that an artist normally couldn’t.

MGT112: Promote Your Band By Promoting A Brand – Nathan Hanks (Music Audience Exchange)

Nathan Hanks is a Founder and CEO of Music Audience Exchange (MAX), a platform for brands to reach their target audiences through “breakthrough” artists, who have growing and loyal fanbases yet who may not be the top-selling acts yet.

The Three-Hour Song Recording Challenge

Gift experience specialists, Red Letter Days, challenged the band, the Crying Skies, to record one of their brand new tracks complete with a finished live mix, within the seemingly impossible timeframe of just a few hours. Read on to find out how they did on the challenge.

How To Be A Concert Promoter

How To Be A Concert Promoter

Concert promoters serve as a key component in the booking and preparation of many live performances. The information in this article is both useful for musicians that will be dealing with promoters, and for those that would like to begin promoting concerts.


What Is Your Value As A Musician?

There are many venues that pay. The question you need to ask is… With all the bands they can pay, why should they pay you? What’s so good about your band that they should pay you.

Mumford & Sons

Top 5 Interesting Bands Of 2013

In the past several decades music lovers have been searching for that one unique band that speaks to them. They look for the band that can reach out to them through lyrics and music and grab hold to their imaginations and emotions. In 2013 there are five bands that are stepping up to that challenge.