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Electric Kiwi's Ross Barber On Designing Websites For Musicians #Podcast

MGT20: Designing A Music Website – Ross Barber (Electric Kiwi)

Ross Barber is a graphic and web designer and founder of Electric Kiwi. From the episode, you will learn how many players to place on a home page, how to annoy a visitor, and much more.

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Adam Spencer, the founder and director of Musomania, explains how important creating content is for an artist, and gives away two Musomania websites to our listeners!


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Reasons To Start A Music Blog

Starting a music blog is a great way to let people find out about you and hear your music.

6 Tips To Start A Successful Music Blog In 2013

If you would have started music blogging few years back, it would have been easier but now, there is a lot more competition and therefore, starting a music blog and making it authoritative is complicated and time consuming.