3 Core Music Promotion Tactics During Quarantine

Promoting your band in the middle of a worldwide quarantine seems really hard – but there are ways forward, more than you might think. As I look around in my role as a music marketer I have seen some strange successes. People are starting to put stuff together, especially in Scandinavia.

MGT128: Fake It Till You Make It, Or How Not To Become A Con Artist – Aaron Bethune

The case of the Threatin band, “fake it till you make it” in the music industry (with examples of Elvis and Taylor Swift), and how musicians are being scammed – with stories from Aaron involving Def Jam, president of UPS, and US Secret Service.

Music Business – Is It Music Or Business (Or Both)?

The internet has certainly changed many things, and the largest impact has been on the music business. If we listen to the record labels then apparently the music business is facing Armageddon, but is it possible for an artist to make it? Or has the Internet killed it all off?

Viacom CEO Takes $10m Pay Cut

Viacom CEO Takes $10m Pay Cut – but he still made $33.4m last year.

Pandora Vs. The Artists: A Compromise To Save Face & Money

An open letter to Pandora & the Artists, and the foundation for a dialogue on compromise.

Why Failure Is Sometimes The Best Thing To Happen To Your Band

You’ve got a great band, a solid tour and good album sales. Everyone in the band is getting along. Everything is perfect – or is it? Here are some top tips for avoiding failure for your band.