Anna Acquistapace On The Zoo Labs Music Residency #SAtN

In this Stand Above The Noise conversation, Anna explained how the Zoo Labs Music Residency works, why such support is important for any musical project and the reason they don’t accept solo artists without teams to their program.

Using Your Education To Build Your Music Business

The typical musician, especially the type of independent musician who is trying to make a career without signing to a record label, has a career that goes a little bit like this…

We Spin

We Spin Launches In Beta

Without much noise and no public announcements, during the lazy busy holiday period last month, we launched We Spin – a “secret” (aight, not so) project, over a year in the works. Partners With Berklee Center In LA’s custom Career Opportunity Platform will streamline the job and internship notification process for Berklee College of Music alumni living in Los Angeles.

We Spin

We Spin: Electronic Musicians Wanted For Educational Program

The project that we’ve been developing for several months is called We Spin, and essentially it’s a special educational program dedicated to Electronic Music Producers and DJs.