MGT121: Developing A Highly Engaged Fan Base Through Video – iLLvibe

iLLvibe, a hip-hop artist and the founder of, explains why filming a low budget music video can “brand you down”, and talks about storytelling, branding reaching new fans on social media, running targeted ads, and more.

MGT92: How To Live Stream On Facebook To Grow Your Audience – Rick Barker

Rick Barker is a former manager for Taylor Swift, current advisor to Big Machine Records, and the social media mentor for American Idol, also teaching indie artists the business side of music.

Taylor Swift with fans

Content Marketing For Artists (Taylor Swift Case Study)

Read on to learn more about the basics of proper Content Marketing and how other successful artists (like Taylor Swift!) do it.

Musikee: Rewarding Your Fans’ Engagement

There are plenty of services out there that enable you to engage with your fans. But in most cases, gaining a new fan simply means getting a “like” on you Facebook page. The new direct-to-fan platform Musikee aims to change that – by rewarding your fans.

MGT56: Tradiio, Where Fans Get You Label Deals And Festival Spots – Miguel Leite

Miguel Leite, a co-founder of Tradiio, talks on why the music industry needs to change, opening more opportunities to indie artists, and how Tradiio works.

Nate Maingard

MGT32: The Modern Troubadour – Nate Maingard

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast, we talked to Nate Maingard, a modern troubadour, about how he discovered Patreon and how his patrons fuel his passion and creativity.