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Hip-Hop: Marketability Like No Other

Years of trends, crazes and interaction between hip-hop and fashion industries has cemented hip-hop fashion as a legitimate branch of the clothing industry.


The N.E.R.D Of The Music Fashion Industry

Hip-hop has endured a turbulent love affair with fashion, with years of examples gone by of how the two can marry perfectly or get it horribly wrong.

Fashion From Music Festivals To Clothing Racks

Concerts are a great place for people to show off their unique fashion styles. It’s no wonder, then, that designers produce collections for the public that are inspired by concert and music fashion.


The Magnificent Marketability Of Music & Fashion

Through several years of study from an academic, professional, as well as a personal perspective, I’ve come to gain an understanding of the history surrounding both the music and fashion industries, respectively.

Vivienne Westwood: Quintessential Music-Fashion Bond

Dotted Music turns its attentions to the ethos of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood in our latest video recommendation concerning the bond between the fashion and music industries.

Fashion-Music Link Explored: Burberry And The Feeling

Dotted Music will be posting a series of videos juxtaposing fashion and music. We hope to facilitate dialogue on the nature of the relationship between the two industries. Join the debate on Twitter.