PlayGround: A Playful App For Spontane Music Making

The new music app PlayGround has a playful take on touch-based music making. It’s a colorful experience, but is it enjoyable enough?

Ditto Music Divulges The Secret To Cracking The Charts

Lee Parsons, CEO and founder of Ditto Music, knows a thing or two about breaking the charts and shares his knowledge in the free e-book “How To Release A Top 40 Single”.

Fan Engagement Faculty

After years of working with artists, I’ve learnt what stops them from building big and engaged audiences online. Here’s the answer, and a solution.

BeatSwitch: Gig Organizer For Artists

BeatSwitch is a new, cloud-based web app for artists, booking agencies and promoters. The app organizes a lot of essential things – contacts, riders and a gig schedule – in one place.

Content Lockers & Like Gates: Free Video Guide

Budi Voogt, the founder of Heroic Recordings and author of The Soundcloud Bible, has recorded a detailed video tutorial for We Spin, on getting fans by giving away content.

Best Things In Life Aren’t Free!

For years I had been messing around with various software packages, synths and plugins but never really bothered to learn how to use them properly. This all changed about two years ago…