We Spin: Electronic Music Success Recipe Box

Dotted Music is pleased to release the Electronic Music Success Recipe box — a bundle consisting of 10 audio interviews with successful electronic musicians, DJs, label owners, publicists and representatives of record stores.


Is ‘Free’ Music Really Free?

As these music-streaming sites provide legally licensed music, the industry generally embraces this latest incarnation of disseminating music; however, with every change comes the question of how this impacts the music industry as well as its artists.

D2F Webinar

Going D2F To Sell Music Online [Free Webinar]

You’ve surely heard a lot about going “direct to fans” and building your own fanbase as, basically, the most reliable ways to establish your music career these days. But how exactly does it help you sell more music?

November 19th Webinar Flyer

Free Webinar: Optimize Social Networks For Your Website, The Smart Way

You use social networks to connect with your fans. Developers of the service called see those networks like loose puzzle pieces and believe that the best way you can put them together is by having an official website.

Why is my music free?

‘Why Is My Music Free?’

I’ve given loads of music out for free, and will continue to do so. For me, it’s by far the best way to reach people – old fans and new.

Free ‘Connecting The Music Industry Dots’ Art For Your Desktop, iPhone or T-Shirt

If you haven’t noticed (tip: in the sidebar) yet, we recently released a cool package with the original ‘Connecting The Music Industry Dots’ design. If you like beautiful pixels and have respect for Dotted Music, you should own this!