MGT146: New Revenue Opportunities for Artists in the Gaming Industry – Andres Lauer (Five Vectors)

Learn how an LA- and Berlin-based company Five Vectors is creating a new music interaction layer for gamers, while introducing new revenue opportunities for indie artists.

When Band Members Become Zombies… Kill Them

Today we take the idea of engaging Flesh Roxon’s fans via mobile apps further, by announcing the release of a branded arcade game called Flesh Roxon’s Zombie Rock, available for all Android devices.

Zombie Road Trip & Flesh Roxon

Zombie Rock Band Flesh Roxon & Mobile Game Zombie Road Trip: A Match Made In Hell

The band, signed to Live Nation Finland, presents a special bundle inside the app, allowing gamers to slay zombies with a branded saw launcher under the catchy lines of their song “Suck My Chainsaw.”

Bands: The Game

Facebook Game ‘Bands’ Gives Musicians New Revenue Stream

Newtracks, a 9 month old nouvelle game company from Berlin have set an exciting new trend of virtual concerts via their flagship product, a Facebook app called Bands.

Reclusive RIAA And Katy Perry Is A Sim

The RIAA is fast becoming reclusive; meanwhile, Katy Perry is anything but.

Guitar Hero And Music Industry: Friend Or Foe?

All this music needed to be legally licensed from the respective owners and so a cordial relationship between the worlds of music and gaming was necessary for these games to work.