The Hitmakers on Songwriting - An NMS 15 Report

The Hitmakers On Songwriting: James Adam Shelley & Jonnie ‘Most’ Davis Talk Shop

In the halls of The New Music Seminar, there was the guy who had written the song – Best Day of My Life – the remarkably chill James Adam Shelley, and his extroverted publisher, Jonnie Davis…

An Outsider's Visit to a Panel on Electronic Dance Music

Dance That Funky Music, Rock Boy; An Outsider’s Visit To A Panel On Electronic Dance Music

I was quite curious to cover the panel on EDM for DottedMusic at the Future of Music Coalition’s policy summit in Washington, DC…


The Odd Future Of Hip-Hop Marketing

Rows upon rows of enthusiastic fans dressed from head to toe in Supreme wait patiently on a freezing cold afternoon in central London for controversial hip-hop group Odd Future to arrive…

Sample Copyright: The Executioner Of Hip-Hop

‘Sampling’ is understood on a variety of different levels. Some see it simply as ripping a track off from its previous success, an easy option to make money in a difficult industry to do so.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Announces Nominees

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation has announced this year’s nominees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The award, held annually, is considered among the most prestigious in the industry today.

Social Expectation: The Release Format Appropriate To Your Genre

Can the medium in which a new track is released influence its success due to consumer expectations? Without a doubt.